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Buying auto parts from a certified parts center like Jim Cogdill Chrysler Dodge Jeep is a sure fire way to treat your car with care. When you buy from our parts center in Knoxville, Tennessee you get the peace of mind knowing that your car parts have a warranty. Moreover, those parts are designed specifically for your make and model, which means that customizing the fit of a part will never be an issue like at a lot of third party parts. Our Mopar parts are high quality and will keep your Dodge Durango, Chrysler 300, or Jeep Renegade in top shape. Lastly, the know-how of our parts experts at the dealership is second-to-none, so you can take advantage of their industry knowledge in picking the correct part for your beloved car. Call Jim Cogdill CDJR today to ask about auto parts!

Certified Mopar Parts

In Knoxville, TN there are varying weather conditions that can cause unusual wear and tear, so replacing existing parts as time passes is extremely important. The parts center at Jim Cogdill CDJR has everything you'll need, from a new exhaust system and catalytic converters to HVAC and radiators. Keeping up with new parts will maintain that new car feeling while protecting your investment. When it comes to customization, you can build your car's personality with Mopar accessories for your Dodge, Chrysler, or Jeep vehicle. Be it floor mats, roof racks, or space organizers, the authentic Mopar accessories at our store were made specifically for your vehicle. Shop online or at our auto dealership in Knoxville, TN today!

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Treat your car, truck, or SUV with care by using high-quality auto parts for repairs or upgrades. Order parts online or over the phone from Jim Cogdill CDJR today, or swing by our Knoxville, TN dealership for answers to any questions you may have.