confused man driving a truck

New Ram Videos Show the Difficult Life of Ford and Chevy Truck Owners

Would You Rather Have a Ford, Chevy or Ram Truck? 

Nobody said picking the right truck is easy. After all, you’ll have multiple brands telling you that their particular truck is the way to go. Well, we all know the proof is in the pickup itself, and Ram has shown itself to be a leader in the segment time and time again. 

As drivers continue to decide they would rather own a Ram than a Chevy, Ford or other brand of pickup truck, Ram has found a humorous way to show this domination in some new online video ads that take a look at people desperate to sell their truck for a brand new Ram. Check them out below. 

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Ram also has a video series following real truck owners who drive models like the F-150 and Silverado. After getting a taste for the Ram, see how their minds quickly change about which pickup will be their next buy. Then, contact us to get behind the wheel.